1 Tide St, 7925 Woodstock Western Cape
021 448 5395


We specialise in:
  • Waste paper collections, sorting and grading

We also do:
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Scrap Metal
We specialise in the collection and grading of waste paper for the purpose of recycling. Most of the waste paper collected and graded is supplied to local paper mills to be recycled.

We collect the waste paper with our fleet of vehicles which are articulated and are used for the collection of the containers, which we have placed at various sites. All the waste paper is emptied at our factory where it is cleaned and prepped to be baled. Once the waste paper has been graded and baled it is then sent via out sourced road transport to its destinations.

We also collect all types of scrap metal and work with most grades of plastic.

Woodstock and Montague Gardens factories cater for larger loads with weigh-bridge facilities.

Shredding and destruction of confidential waste.

The waste paper is used to manufacture different types of paper products. The products typically manufactured are toilet paper, egg trays, fruit trays, cardboard boxes, poster boards and similar products.